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Friday, October 18, 1935 (continued)

(1) G 2196 (continued)
G 2196 U. drawing


(2) G 2197 (continued)
G 2197 U. tracing of the inscribed stone [35-10-24]


(3) G 2342
G 2342 b, e [= G 5520]
In the two rooms b and e. White limestone debris, dubsh, sand and stones. Search for a sloping passage, because we guess about the rock running from west to east from room b to room e. Today we know that there are no sloping passage[s], but we found that it is a building of stones same as dubsh run from room e to room b on east and run to south for 1.2 meters and then run to west in room b under the building of the room and under the floor of the room. Drawing of the work today and the new building which we found.


P.S. The building which is drawn in red ink runs under the building of the room.

microfilm: end page 150

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