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Monday, October 14, 1935

Work on
(1) G 2196 B, C, D, E

(1) G 2196
G 2196 B: In shaft. Lined with dubsh. Building gone on south. It is west of C and south of G. Total depth 1.85 meters, some sand, dubsh and some bones. Chamber on south. It was running on the window of the room, lined with stones and dubsh. Roofed with stones. Roof now gone. Cleared. Drawing.


G 2196 C: In shaft. It is east of B and west of X. Lined with dubsh above underneath lined with stones and rock below. Total depth 6.1 meters. Excavated before 4.5 meters. White limestone debris. Chamber on east cut in rock. Blocked with two stones. Big stone on north and the small one on south and small fragment of dubsh. The blocking bound with mud. Reached the rock in shaft. Blocking left for photo.

G 2196 D: In shaft. It is north of C and south of E and east of G. Lined with dubsh above and rock below. Down 2.35 meters. Limestone debris, potsherds, black debris and dubsh. Found in shaft debris: many offering models dishes and cups. Chamber in the middle of the shaft. On east, from north to south. Lined with dubsh on west and roofed with stones, dubsh and bound with mud, Chamber left for photo. Not reached the rock in shaft.

G 2196 E: In shaft. It is north of D, south of G and east of H. Lined with dubsh and rock below. Total depth 3.35 meters. Excavated before 2.15 meters. On the north in the shaft, we found a chamber lined with stones and roofed with stones and the building (partly destroyed) gone and some of the roof on south. Cleared.

Tuesday, October 15, 1935
Day of rest.

Wednesday, October 16, 1935

Work on
(1) G 2196 F, G, H, I

(1) G 2196
G 2196 F: In shaft. It is north of E, east of I and west of Z. It is in the end of the mastaba on northeast side. Lined with dubsh. Some of the building gone on south. Total depth 2.95 meters. Excavated before 1.55 meters. Limestone debris and dubsh. Ended at rock. No chamber. Drawing of G 2196 F and E (which we spoke about on 14)


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