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Sunday, October 13, 1935 (continued)

(1) G 2188 (continued)
Drawing of shaft G 2188 C


G 2188 X: In shaft. It is north of B and west of C and D. Lined with stones and dubsh. Total depth 1.25 meters. Limestone debris, black debris and papers. Chamber on south lined with stones on east. Roofed with five stones. On west the building of G 2187 lined with dubsh and bound with mud. No blocking. Cleared. Drawing.


G 2188 Y: In shaft. It is north of C and D. It is on the north side of the mastaba. Lined with stones. Some building gone. Total depth 1.3 meters. Limestone debris, sand and dubsh. Chamber on north lined with stones and roofed with three stones. No blocking. On the WS [west south?] side of the building of the chamber we found inscribed limestone fragment [35-10-22] outside of the chamber the same as a lintel stone.
The Mudir told us that this stone very important and we must remove it to the Camp after having photographed. Drawing.


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