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Project Timeline & Press Releases

6/13/2008: "Giza Pyramids Hold Pharaoh's Ancient Secrets" article by Brian Handwerk on, discussing the Giza Archives.
7/29/2007: Giza Archives interview on Boston radio station WBCN (104.1 FM): Peter Der Manuelian and Lawrence M. Berman
6/20/2007: "Explore the Great Pyramids from Your Very Own Home!" article on the Giza Archives in WIRED Magazine, Blog Network, by Brandon Keim
6/18/2007: "Virtual explorers comb Egypt's ruins." Giza Archives article by Pamela Ferdinand, Globe Correspondent:
6/12/2007: Giza Archives hosts U.S. State Department's Visitor Leadership Program: Dr. Gabriel Alegbeleye visits from Nigeria
5/16/2007: "Finding the Pharaohs" (Tufts Magazine, vol. 14, no. 3, Spring 2007)
5/14/2007: Giza Archives chosen as one of Archaeology Magazine's "favorite websites" (May/June issue 2007)
4/6/2007: Tufts Journal: "Modern technology preserves ancient wonders of Egypt"
2/10/2007: Giza website wins ABC-CLIO Online History award
1/20/2007: Giza Archives "goes international"
1/10/2007: Search images & objects by content: the MET (Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus)
1/1/2007: Historic discovery in Egypt: The lost Arabic excavation diaries
12/20/2006: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, receives third Giza Archives grant of $306,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
11/12/2006: Giza 360-degree "QTVR" site panoramas cross the 1,000-mark
10/1/2006: 7,000 color images added to 21,000 B&W excavation photos
2006: "The Giza Archives Project," Egyptian Archaeology 28 (2006), pp. 31-33
2005: "Virtual Pyramids--Real Resarch. The Giza Archives Project Goes Live Online," KMT 16 (2005), pp. 68-80
2005: "Das 'Giza-Archiv-Projekt.' Interview mit Peter Der Manuelian," Sokar 10 (2005), pp. 10-17
6/1/2005: Addition of 500 QTVR 360-degree panoramas to the 150 panoramas already on the Visual Search page
3/30/2005: Archaeological line drawings and illustrations cross the 10,000 mark
2/28/2005: Color images of MFA Giza objects linked to Giza website
1/31/2005: Initial public launch of Giza website
10/1/2004: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, receives second Giza Archives grant of $545,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
9/18/2000: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, receives Giza Archives grant of $750,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The press at Giza: Arthur Merton (seated) of the London Times takes notes on finds from the tomb of Hetepheres I (G 7000 X), described by George Reisner (center) and Noel Wheeler (left); April 11, 1927 (B6203–B6204)

Work in Progress...

The Giza Archives is not a complete or comprehensive system, but rather an evolving Web resource. We welcome comments, corrections, and suggestions. Please send feedback via the Contact page.

Giza Archives staff are preparing additional Expedition materials from all over the world for online access. Additional documents in preparation include:

  • Giza collections in Cairo, Berkeley, Berlin, Hildesheim, Leipzig, Philadelphia, Turin, and Vienna;
  • 5,000 pages of Reisner’s unpublished manuscript for his History of the Giza Necropolis volumes II, III, IV;
  • additional maps and plans of the Giza Necropolis;
  • modern colored renderings of decorated tomb walls by Harvard–MFA Expedition staff;
  • Multi-lingual Egyptological Thesaurus terminology (METS) to describe wall scene content and artifacts;
  • thousands of line drawings of tomb wall scenes, three-dimensional objects (pottery, sarcophagi, etc.), and architecture;
  • packing lists and photographs recording the original expedition shipments to Boston;
  • miscellaneous Harvard–MFA Expedition manuscripts, lists, and notebooks directly relating to finds and excavation data;
  • unpublished, illustrated Harvard–MFA Expedition field season reports;
  • notebooks on color and palaeography at Giza;
  • lists and registers of hieroglyphic personal names and titles;
  • 8,000+ color Giza images from expedition work and other sources (1970–present).